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The first step in developing a sound marketing strategy is eliminating being sold. Our approach is consultative so that our team is not selling you anything. The goal of the partnership is for the Fahrenheit team to understand the fundamentals of your business and develop a plan, from a large spectrum of tools. Similar to a Doctor healing a patient, we identify the ailments of your business and turn to our pharmacy of marketing tactics and strategies to make business better. The process begins with our FREE consultation. In your consultation we will uncover valuable information about your business including:

  • Re-identifying your target audience and decision-maker
  • Where your focus can lead to highest profits
  • The customer experience of your business
  • Evaluation of the competition
  • Retention of customers
  • An evaluation of your current marketing materials and strategy
  • Review current marketing budget and identify areas of waste
  • Establish comfortable budget parameters for The Fahrenheit Agency to offer suggestions to improve your strategy
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