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Show Off Some Customer Love with Reputation Marketing

Where are your reviews? Simplify your path to a 5-star reputation on line with our reputation marketing program and automate the process! We make it so easy; You just service your customer and they will receive an email or text requesting a review! Positive reviews go directly to Google and difficult customers who leave less than 4-star reviews will be bypassed and go directly to you instead of Google.

Positive reviews are important because they not only help your rankings on Google, but they also help customers make decisions on where they want to do business.

Reputation Marketing
$200 Month
  • Set up of customized Dashboard
  • QR code and design for review kiosk for inside your location
  • Customized email and text asking for review
  • Customized response for negative reviews
  • Onboard training to login and use of the system
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